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Let me know about broken links, scientific comments on content, or suggestions for content. Please expect a delay before your comment appears. Comments from creationists and id-ists will not be accepted.

First, though, from the list below please pick & click the site about which you wish to comment and please mention which topic:

Black Sites
Endosymbiosis : Organics :

Gray Sites
Abiogenesis & Evolution : Algorithms of Evolution : Cancer : Cell Biology : Chemistry of Life : Cyanobacteria : Enzymes : Evo Devo : Godspell Follies : Mechanisms of Evolution : Molecular Biology : Origin of Life : Paleogeology : Serial Endosymbiosis : Stromatolites : Taxonomy Phylogeny :

White Sites
Archaea & Eubacteria : Evolution in Action : Photosynthesis : Molecules : Molecular Paths : Pathways : Signaling

The sites are under construction and there is some overlap in content.

What is the purpose of the site? The title explains – it's a centralized comment-clearance house – essentially, an experiment.