Eubacteria & Archaea

Prokaryote structureCell wallTaxonomy and PhylogenyEubacteriaThe Archaea
Interactions in BacteriaBacterial motilityPhosphorylation switchesPhotosynthetic bacteriaControl of gene expressionRecombinant DNA Restriction Enzmes Restriction EndonucleasesHorizontal Gene TransferConjugationTransductionTransformationSymbiosisDomainsKingdomsPhylumDivisionAquifexThermotogaGreen nonsulfurDeinococcusBacteroides-FlavobacteriaPlanctomycesGram-positiveChlamydiaCyanobacteriaSpirochetesGreen sulfurProteobacteriagreen filamentousprochlorophytespurple sulfurpurple nonsulfur

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